tisdag 2 juli 2019


Surahammars dagarna del 4

kom fram till en mycket fin Edsel 

och jag gillade färgen på bilen
och jag gillar hastighets mätaren på Edsel 
tog inte Citroen pallas 1970 tal efter den idén med en rund hastighets mätare 
kanske var det från edsel dom lånade den idén  

6 kommentarer:

  1. ...Ford's Edsel never was a popular model. I rarely see them at car shows.

    1. Yes they are not so common here with
      you can see them sometimes and then often very nice
      It didn't go so well for Edsel unfortunately
      otherwise a nice car I think

  2. I always wonder why some cars sell better than others. This one is quite unique!

    1. yes you are absolutely right
      this model never became a hit
      Strangely, I think it was a nice model

  3. It was essentially duplicating the market for Ford's Mercury brand. It was a dismal failure at a time when the other companies started dumping excess brands-- Like Chrysler's Desoto brand. It was perceived as a car for upper middle-aged travelling salesmen.

    1. Thank you Bill for the interesting info about Edsel's history
      and it sold well no good and Edsel became a flop unfortunately
      I think it was a nice model
      I have for myself that they also made a combi model of Edsel
      but I am not sure